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©1993 James C. Welch

Distant Echoes

My ears have heard the echoes;
as it were of a distant song; So still; So still.

Reverberating through the heavens;
Causing angels to join in with song; So softly; So softly.

What is this beautiful melody?
From whence does it come?
It comes down from the Father above;
It causes Joy and Peace to enter my heart;
So sweetly; So sweetly.

Can the birds of the air be made
silent at the rising of the sun?
No more can the person who hears His voice
be stop from singing in his heart a new song;
Praising the Lord; Praising the Lord.

All heaven and earth;
All creatures both small and great;
Shall join in a chorus with the distant echo
of the Father's song of Love;
Dance before the Lord and
Rejoice; Rejoice.

The fields will break forth with singing;
The trees will clap their hands;
The thunder will roll like a bass drum;
The mountains will cleave under our Precious One's feet;
So wonderful; So wonderful.

My feet began to dance in cadence with that song;
My heart leaps with delight;
Tears of Joy have filled my eyes;
For my eyes have seen the coming of the Glory of the Lord;
So Glorious; So Glorious.

Every knee shall bend in a dance of Love;
Every tongue shall break forth with singing;
Every heart filled to overflowing;
Every eye filled with His Light;
Every ear hearing His Voice; Every life quickened;
The dead risen from their graves;
Now is Salvation and Redemption dawned upon us;
Sing Hallelujah; Sing Hallelujah.