A meadowlark singing 

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Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised;
For His Love shines like the sun in the morning;
after the darkness of the night of bitterness
hath enveloped the whole world.
Great is His Love and He is worthy of our Praise.

Like a tree planted by the waters;
So is the man whose heart is filled with His Love;
Transforming that man from darkness to light;
Making merry his sad face.

Like a meadowlark singing outside your window;
So are the words of blessing revealed from the Father above.

Come, Let us rejoice and sing;
Let us make a joyful noise unto the Lord;
For it is He who has made us.

He has marvelously shaped us by His own hands as it were;
A work of beauty, a wonder to behold
is a small child whom God has made.

Life is a miracle, the intervention of the Creator with creation;
Only He can make the bird that soars through the heavens.

Which of you by taking thought and reasoning within yourselves;
Canst make anything that hath the breath of life in it?

Life all life comes from God above.
Look upon your Maker by whose right hand you are hewn.
Give Praise unto Him and rejoice;
For it is He who has commanded and all things that were
made were made.

Give Praise unto Him in the Highest, Rejoice and be glad;
For God who hath made us, Reigneth.