The Healing Power 

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I will arise with healing in My Wings;
My Power of Healing shall encompass thee about;
Causing healing to enter into your bones.

Be ye cleansed.

For My Spirit of wellness shall encompass thee; Be ye bound into wellness.

Be ye restored in your spirit, your soul and your body to a full and healthy state.

I will cure and heal you.
I will come and restore you to health.
I will release you from the bondage of sickness.
I will make you strong.

Be ye restored to perfect health.

Your spirit will made well by My Presence.

Where there was sadness, there shall be Joy;
Where there was sickness, there shall be Health;
Where there was strife, there shall be peace;
Where there was bitterness, there shall be Love;
Where there was evil, there shall be Goodness.

Yea, I, Even I am able to make all things right.

Thus saith the Lord.