Thy Kingdom come; 

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Behold. How beautiful are thy gates, Oh Holy City.

The light thereof, shines forth like looking upon a fiery furnace
surrounded by a multicolored halo.

It beckons all to come.
My heart groans and mourns within me,
When I look upon thee, Oh Land of Promise.

Then my soul cries within me saying, "Let us go forth
and enter those Gates and Enter into the House of God.

How Beautiful. How Glorious .
How Magnificent. Thou careth, Oh City of God.

Thy Kingdom Come, Oh Lord.
Thy Kingdom Come.

My feet shall walk upon streets made from cubes of precious gemstones
mortared together with pure transparent gold.
Yea. The roads are like beholding strings of ornate jewelry, most Precious.

Oh Jerusalem. All shall prosper in the spirit that love thee.

Who is like onto thee, Oh City of God?
Along your Avenues are many palaces that sparkle in the Light of God.

Choirs of angels sing around about. Voices like violins.
So wonderful. So Beautiful, are those voices.

Glory unto God in the Highest.
For great is the dwelling place of the Lord.

My heart bursts within Me.
My soul groans. My spirit desires and looks for a vision of that city.

Oh God. How long? How long shall it be before Thy Kingdom comes?
When Your lambs, Your precious lambs shall enter into those gates,
Singing and Leaping and Dancing and Praising the Lord.

Sing Hosanna. Sing and shout with a loud voice.
Who is like unto thee, Oh Lord, that prepares a place for me there?