God is Glorious   

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Glory unto God in the Highest.
For all Saints have desired to see His Face,

For the Glory of the Lord has shone around us
and we are satisfied.

Who is like unto God whose beauty is far above the angels?

He sits in the Highest place of the heavens,
Yet His eye is upon the sparrow.

Who has known His ways?
His ways are incomprehensible,

Yet by His Spirit He reveals His love toward us;
He has sent His Son to reveal and declare Himself to us.

That where He is we may be also;
He has prepared a dazzling new home for us
whose splendor is magnificent.

Lo, I am with you always,
My love shines about you in your secret place of prayer;
My love fills your heart to overflowing;
My grace provided for all your needs according to My riches in Glory;
My truth is a lamp to your feet.

Allow My Holy Spirit to guide you by simply asking for guidance
and He will guide you into green pastures.

My ways are pleasant, My Joy I give unto you,
Be not afraid for I am with you always.

Lift up your eyes, Oh ye gates;
For the King of Glory entered in.

Rejoice and exceedingly glad, Oh ye lambs,
For your names are written in the book of everlasting life.

You are joint heirs to the treasures
and glory and power and wisdom and honor
of the everlasting Kingdom.

As a man shares all his life and wealth with his wife;
So the God of Glory shares all things
with His Bride in the Everlasting Kingdom.