God's Blessings

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Praise be unto God from Whom all blessings flow;
Blessings that fall like the morning dew on a dry land;
They are the light that brightens our pathways;
Like a spring rain that causes the flowers to bloom.

Like the light of dawn that causes the birds to sing
because the brightness of day is at hand;
Like water in a dry land which makes the deserts to bloom with beauty.

They stand over the heads of the righteous and sinful alike
Bringing Mercy and forgiveness.
Every living creature both small and Great are enlightened by His blessings.

His blessings are upon the meek;
because they are not too proud to look for them.
His blessings are upon the poor;
because they realize that they need them.
His blessings are upon those who weep;
because they feel the need of the Light of His comforting Love.

The Light of God has dawned upon all mankind;
A light that cannot be hid;
A candle to all who are of household of God;
A comfort to all in need;
The morning star that rises before the Sun in all its Glory dawns.

Walk in the light and your eyes will be opened;
He revealth all things both in Heaven and the earth;
Yea, even His Countenance to pure of heart.

His blessings are a light that overcomth darkness;
Brings victory over defeat;
Restores lives from death;
Making all things new;
Making clean the unclean hearts;
Making meek the haughty;
Making the seeds of life break forth to the budding;
His Light cannot be stopped;
For His Light, His Everlasting Light, shineth.