Bless all your people, Oh, Lord 

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Hearken unto Me all My people for I am with thee;
My Spirit walks among you;
My Presence is a constant comfort to you;
My Son came to declare Me to the world

Pay heed to My Commandments;
To Love God with all your hearts, minds, souls and strength;
To Love one another as I have loved you;
To Love your neighbors as yourselves;
To Love the City that I have prepared for you;
To Love the Holy Angels;
To Love the Words of My Son;
To Love the Guidance of My Holy Spirit;
To Love all of My creatures both small and great.
Be known to others as a person who is loving, peaceful, joyful, patience,
gentle, tenderhearted, full of faith and abounding in all good works.
Do this for My sake.

Let My Light shine through you toward others;
Be My pipeline to a lost people;
Be like bubbling fountains bringing cool clear water to thirsty desert travelers;
Be My friends even as Abraham was call the Friend of God;
Walk with Me and be My constant companions;
For I am with you and I shall come shortly to receive you
unto Myself that where I am you may be also.

My Light shineth for all to see.

My mercies are extended to all to receive.

My Joy I give unto you, not like the temporary enjoyments that the world gives;
My Joy is like unto a bubbling fountain ever overflowing.

Came ye, all that thirst and I will give you to drink of the water of life everlasting.

All that believe on Me shall be like rivers of life giving water to a dry thirst land.

He that drinks of this water, as Jesus said, shall never thirst,
but has already passed from death unto life Everlasting.