God's Orchards

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Arise. Put on your strength, Oh arm of the lord;
For the Glory of the Lord has dawned upon you.

He has caused His Countenance to shine upon you and
has lifted you up and has caused you to stand on Higher ground.

Rejoice, all ye lambs, for the Day Star has risen in your hearts.

Look unto the Orchards of God;
For they are heavy laden with all manner of fruit.

Take eat. Feast of His heavenly fruit and Be ye filled to the full.

Eat of the Tree of Peace and your heart and mind
will be filled with and Everlasting Calmness.
Stand still. Be at peace before Me, for I am the Lord your God.

There is none other but I,
I have the Power to save and Power to destroy.

I have rendered Salvation and Mercy upon you;
For My Kingdom is at hand.
A Land that flows with milk and honey.
Rivers of Joy shall flow there;
Everlasting Rejoicing everywhere.

My Joy, Yea My Everlasting Joy shall spread
to the edges of My Kingdom and shall encompass it.

Death shall be swallowed up in Victory.
Life, Yea your life shall be like a veil lifted;
And the Glory, Yea My Glory shall be revealed.

For you shall see Me as I am, the "I am who I am of Moses"
and your heart shall rejoice with a joy beyond anything you have imagined.

Arise, Oh arm of the lord,
For My Everlasting Victory has dawned upon you.

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, Let your heart leap with rejoicing;
For My Kingdom, Yea My Glorious Kingdom is dawned.