The Diadem of Joy 

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Therefore, the Chosen of the Lord shall come rejoicing;
Singing glad songs upon their harps;
And with loud voices shouting praises unto God;
With Everlasting Joy upon their heads;
Sing Hosanna and Rejoice.

The Day of the Lord shall dawn like a thief in the night;
So shall that day come.

Prepare ye the way of the Lord.
Make straight His gates;
For the King of Glory shall come marching in.

Rejoice and let your hearts be glad;
For the King is approaching and is even now at the gates.

Hear Me and Hearken unto Me all ye lambs;
Hitherto the aggressive and the rich and the powerful have ruled;
But henceforth the meek and the poor and the weak shall rule forever.
Now the cruel man rules;
there the tenderhearted and gentle shall reign with God on High.

Now the warriors and aggressive and they that strive for self gain dominate the world;
Then the peaceful, the meek and the humble shall be in charge.

Let not your hearts be fearful of the things that are happening in this world.
There shall be wars and rumors of wars and calamities without end;
But all these things must come to pass before the Glorious Day of the Lord God of Zion shall dawn upon the whole world.

Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid
for the Lord God of Glory is coming.

Come, let us rejoice and be glad for His Kingdom,
His Everlasting Kingdom has come.

Therefore the chosen of the Lord shall come marching into Zion
with the diadem of Everlasting Joy upon their heads.

Rejoice and again I say Rejoice and be exceedingly glad
For the Day of the Lord has Come.