Bless God's Lambs

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My words are like honeycomb
bringing immense sweetness of taste to all that taste of them.

My words of Wisdom are like a bright and shining light to your eyes.

Like a distant beacon guiding you across an immense dark and stormy sea.

Come unto Me and find rest for Your souls;
For the wisdom of the world seemth to be wiser then My Wisdom;
But there is no life in those words.

My words are food for the heart and My lambs will hunger for them.
Come. Feast. Ye poor among My people.

For the words of revelation which comes by My Spirit feedth your souls.

Come My lambs, Walk with Me, Take My Hand
Walk beside My Side;
Like a bride with the Bridegroom even so, Walk with Me.
Walk in the Spirit, for My Spirit profited much;
the flesh profited but little.

Seek after Me with a whole heart whilst I can be found.
Search for Me with a diligent heart and you will find rest for your weary souls.

My ways are deep and they are perfect.
He that walks in them finds delight in his soul.
Come refresh yourselves, taste of Me, Partake of My way;
Eat to the fill, for My ways are like a land that flows with milk and honey.

The words of revelation are like a spring overflowing with
fresh, cool, and pure water quenching the thirst of all His lambs.

Come all that thirst, drink of the water of life freely.
It flows for you, it is there for you to drink
It flows like a spring in a dry land ever refreshing all men's souls.

Bringing a rejoicing to the heart;
Restoring life to your spirits;
Renewing All things.