The Crown of Victory

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Oh Death. Where is your sting?
For Death is swallowed up with Victory.

Rejoicing shall break forth in the midst of rejoicing;
Triumph upon Triumph;
Victory upon Victory;
Light shall dawn upon Light.

I shall turn defeat into victory;
Sadness into a joyous celebration.

Good things shall follow on the heels of good things unending.

Salvation shall burst forth upon Salvation ever unfolding.

A light from whence darkness flees away;
So is My crown of Victory;
Everlasting and Triumphant.

Hearts are caused to break forth with singing in the midst of singing.

So that ever a new song follow upon the heels of a song.

Triumph unto triumph,
Ever triumphant.

Victory unto Victory;
Ever Victorious.

Rejoicing shall break forth upon rejoicing.

Peace will break upon Peace.
Joy will follow on the heels of Joy.

No more defeats; No more failures.

For life will be Victory unto Victory;
Triumph unto triumph;
Glory unto Glory;
in My Everlasting Kingdom.

Sing. Oh Sing. Shout the Victory.
For My Kingdom shall break forth with Everlasting and
Eternal Victory.