Strengthen us Lord;

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Arise with strength in thy wings.

As a candle lights the darkness, so My Strength shall strengthen you.
Ye shall find great strength in your soul.
Everlasting Power and Might be upon thee.

Rest in My Power, for My Power is very great.

By the Power of My Right Hand I can do all things.

I will strengthen you and I will lift you up arid cause your feet to stand on higher ground.

Where there was weakness there shall be Power and Might.

I, even I, am able to strengthen you.

So then the weary among My lambs shall be strengthened.

Arise. Put on strength,
Be ye clothed with the garment of Praise.

For I have commanded that the fire of My Power and Might shall fall upon thee;
Like St. Elmo's fire engulfs the rigging of a ship at sea,
You shall glow with My Power.

Everlasting zeal shall enter your weary bones.

Arise. Put on strength, Oh arm of the Lord.
For My Strength is exceedingly great;
For I have made all things by it;
And by it all things continue to exist.

Let Power and Might befall thee.
Like the engulfing flame of Elijah that consumed the offering,
the water and the stones of the alter;
So will Power enter into You and cause you to burn
like a lamp which gives light to all of the household of God.

Be ye consumed by My Power.

Be ye like a flaming torch lighting up the world;
That they may see the light and give Glory onto God.

Glory on to God in the Highest.
Rejoice and exceedingly Glad. For by His Power He Reigneth.