Deliver us from evil;

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Fear not. For I am with you
and I am able to deliver you from all evil.

I have overcome the world.

The Evil One's head has been bruised.
The army of the wicked have been defeated.
Darkness has been routed by Light.
You shall come marching into Zion,
Like a victorious army having overcome the world.

Death has been routed in battle.
Freedom rings.
Shout unto God. Hosanna in the Highest.
For He has overcame and defeated our adversary.

As Goliath was brought down by a little stone from a child's sling,
So, Satan and all his bands shall be overthrown by a seemingly little thing called faith.

For faith is the victory that over cometh the world.
He that believeth in Me, as the scriptures says, canst do all things.

Jericho's walls fell when the people shouted the victory with faith in their hearts.

Trust in Me. With a whole heart and Great Miracles you shall see.

Did I not say that if thou canst believe that you would see the Glory of God?

Believe and the Victory is won.
Rejoice and shout. For the Kingdoms of this world
shall be toppled by the Coming of the Rock of My Kingdom.

Sing Hosanna. For the King of Glory shall enter on in.

His Kingdom, a city whose Maker and Builder is the Lord, is Coming.
Like the rock of Daniel, hewn from the mountain without hands,
It shall grow and grow until it becomes a Mighty Mountain
dashing the kingdom of the Evil One to pieces.

So shall the Kingdom of My Glorious Son Arise.