The pool of Siloam

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Behold. There flows rivers of the water of life.

Sparkling clean, pure and holy, is that water.

Wash yourselves thoroughly, immerse your lives in it; Be ye cleansed.

As the prophet Elisha commanded the leprous Naaman
to dip himself in the river Jordon seven times;
Be ye cleansed in the rivers of living water seven times over;
Be ye thoroughly purged from all iniquities.

Though your sins be black as pitch, Yet they shall be whiter then snow.

As Jesus commanded the blind man whose eyes he had rubbed with mud to go,
wash in the pool of Siloam;
Even so, wash ye in the fountains of living water and your eyes will be opened.

Ye shall see heavenly things.

I have come that the blind shall see.
Let the inside of the cup be purged.
Let your hearts be cleansed.

Come. Cleanse and purify yourselves in the water of life freely.

It flows for you. It is there in abundance.

Let My water of regeneration cleanse.
Ask and you shall receive this water.
Even as the woman at the well asked;
So shall the water of life be given freely to all that ask.

Come.  Drink.  Bathe.
Be ye immersed in the water of life.
For by it your hearts, spirits, souls and minds will be made clean.

Be ye washed daily in the water of Regeneration and renewed daily by My Holy Ghost.

As the Apostles feet were washed by Me; You also must be washed.
For Jesus said, "If I wash you not, you would have no part with Me".

Ask and your lives will become sparkling clean.
Your hearts will be purified.
Your eyes will open and you will see the Glory of the Lord.